Titan of Darkness【Keros】


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①How to obtain 「Keros」

Available during a special event taking place over three days, September 19-22, 2022!(UTC)
Keros’s Soul Stone will not be coming out of the ones that summon Titan for the time being (no time frame yet, no plans at this time) or from treasure chests like this one. Please note that no matter how much emeralds you spend and mess around with, they will not appear.
So, if you want one, be sure to ask your wife or partner for permission to buy one during the event period, even if you have to get down on your knees!

Once you’ve got it, the next thing you need to worry about is how to grow Darkness Titan!

② Training Method

①The statuses required for the training of titans are numbered as follows.
Each is explained in numerical order.

Titan’s level “120”.
Here are the materials needed to raise this level. Titan Potion.
In case you are wondering, the number of titan potions needed to raise the level from 1 to 120 is 686,760.
And this level can be raised at any time if you are in an environment where you already have access to Keros.

②It will be ★ level. There are from level 1 to 6.
As explained above, soul stones can only be obtained during the event period, so this ★level can only be raised during the event period.
(You will not be able to train them until the event is rescheduled or they come out of the use emerald open Titan Summoning chest, etc.) Please note
The number of soul stones required to raise a Titan from level 1 to 6 is 3,130, and 4,875,000 gold is required, but whether this is the same as the normal method of raising a Titan’s ★level is unknown until the event starts. It is unknown until the event starts. Please understand.

③, ④ and ⑤ These will be Titan Artifacts (TAF)
The only way to raise the ★levels of these two ③and④ artifacts is during the event period.
(Preliminary leaks indicate that Absolute is not possible even if you complete the event.)
This, like the Titan Soulstone, will not come out of the chest.
This is it. It will not appear. I wrote this twice because it is important. Please be careful.

⑤ For ⑤, existing resources are used, so the level can be raised at any time.
And for each of ③, ④, and ⑤, existing resources (max 120) will be used for level development.
This is it. Fairy powder.
This is the one you get when you defeat Hydra. It will be possible to raise the level at any time.
You can see the number of powder and gold you need in the table on this page. You will get nosebleed.

(6) Although not shown in the image, Titan Skin can be developed at any time using existing resources. The number of Titan Skin Stones needed to max out the level is 166,350.

The above is how to obtain and train Keros.
The part of Keros that can only be obtained and trained during the event period will be compensated by the same event, specialized events, or obtaining from treasure chests in the future. If you were not able to get down on your knees to your wife or partner this time, please concentrate on getting them in a good mood until the next event.

Here is a summary of what we know at this time.

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