This article has been written ad hoc. It seems that there are many people who are feeling stressed, including those from overseas, so I would like to explain with a few images. Also, regarding this information, we have received information from Mr.GUSA.


This is an article for those who are experiencing problems such as smartphones having heat, apps falling in the middle, slow response, etc. in this bad update. Also, it seems that there are some problems with iPhone too, but since the administrator can not test and verify it, I would like you to publish it if you have a workaround on Twitter, disco, etc. I will.

今回の不具合に関してはアプリをダウングレードすることで応急措置を公式がとっているようですので、それを利用した形になります。が、このアップデートは2020年年末にサービスを終了するAdobe Air(その他flash等含めサービス停止)からの切り替えで必要な作業となっておりますので、ゆくゆくは現在のシステムに強制的に切り替えられることが予想されます。残る期間は4ヶ月であり、その間に運営が対応しきれるかどうかが肝になってるとも言えます。 この応急方法は一時的であり、臨時的であることを踏まえてお試しいただけますと幸いです。

Regarding the problem this time, it seems that the official measures are taken by downgrading the application, so it will be the form to use it. However, this update is a necessary work for switching from Adobe Air (service stop including other flash etc.) that will end service at the end of 2020, so eventually it may be forced to switch to the current system Expected. The remaining period is 4 months. It can be said that it is important for the operating company to deal with defects by then. I hope that you can try this first aid method because it is temporary and temporary.

THX everyone!

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